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After years of pursuing an art degree and having all my classmates tell me how design-y my art was, design school seemed like the next best course of action. I had dabbled in a computer arts class in high school but didn’t realize my passion for design until now. Throughout art school I had always been obsessed with every medium I would get my hands onto. With a focus in Glass, Ceramics, and Screen-printing I feel a strong draw to process heavy work. Design works to satisfy the many different facets that fulfill my desire for variety and process.
The Yahara Journal is Madison College’s student-produced fine arts and literary journal. The publication consists entirely of poetry, prose and artwork. This years journal’s theme was water as metaphor for the flow of thought. My work had full range from the cover art, photography to 80-page layout. 
That BBQ Joint is a great staple of Madison’s East side located on Willy St. They provide quick service and bold flavors. Two main things of which I wanted to incorporate in there rebranding. My emphasis was bringing out and enhancing great things that were already existing. The Brand was created to be as big and bold as their food, I expressed that language though the use of big bold type and playful patterns.
Feeling raw and refined? Juicing might just be your new R & R! I wanted to take juicing beyond the nutritional conscious realm and create something that feels elevated bold and sophisticated with Sana’s new sleek design.
Founded in Berkeley California, Why? Is a American alternative hip hop and indie rock band. Having the opportunity do see Why? preform twice in Madison I was inspired to create something as funky-fresh as them. With imagery focused lyrics I created and album cover based off the song “Strawberries”.
In my digital illustration class I was challenged to design and concept a vehicle/space ship that was believable, volumetric, and grounded in space. We first rendered our vehicles in illustrator and finished them in Photoshop.