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I enjoy finding ways to link personal and unique aesthetics to artists, brands, and businesses through the use of innovative graphics. With a special interest in identity development, editorial design, and vector art, I strive to help tell stories through design and illustration.
I had the opportunity to work as an art director with a photography student to capture the vision I had for an ad series. TechLiners have always been my go-to, so I chose to showcase their potential for creativity as well as emphasizing their technical capabilities. By combining illustration and photography, the viewer is left with an unexpected and fresh result.
Working with Trinko Sausage I created a logo, tri-fold brochure, and typographic pattern to further enhance their business aesthetic. This small-town business has a rustic, old-fashioned vibe, so I chose typefaces that reflected that character to make you feel as if you’ve been their customer for years.
Summer Camp Music Festival is hosted at 3 Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. Since attending, I knew that I wanted to try my hand at creating images that represented the festival the way that I see it. I also wanted to do an illustration using mainly vector, simple shapes, and a limited color palette for screen printing capabilities.
Growing up, I used to make lots of things out of paper and tape… LOTS of paper and tape - ask my mom! Although it was fun, these paper toys never really stayed together. I wanted to make a product that was fun and easy, required as little tape as possible, and would be something kids could be excited about putting together.
I recently acquired some Citizens of Humanity jeans for a bargain price and fully understood and appreciated the purpose of quality denim. I wanted to create a promotional booklet that would leave you thinking, “Wow, I’m about to spend my whole paycheck on these!” without even trying them on.
Working with a team, we wanted to make a product that focused on sustainability. We decided to go thrift shopping, made pillows out of recycled fabric, and made them new again through reuse and creativity. We each illustrated our own versions of the world, came up with sustainability quotes, and screen printed them onto our fabrics. \"We invented a new and impactful pillow that will not only help sustain our world, but will also give you comfort in the fact that you helped make a difference.” -Upcycle Our World