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As a child my world was dinosaurs, Star Wars, comic books and horror movies. The pop art of Warhol dominated the world and MTV and its crazy visual style had just been born. I absorbed all of it and I wear the influences on my sleeve. Bright pinks and oranges and blues appeal to me as much as muddy rusty reds and dull flat greens. As a designer and illustrator I get to indulge all those passions as well as make it my profession. Whether it’s creating the design for a box of cereal or a illustrating a political editorial, it’s all fun and I love it.
This is a re-imagining for the album cover of "Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?" by the alt country band, Murder By Death. The band paints lyrical and musical paintings of love, loss, and whiskey over a canvas of spaghetti western imagery. Gunfighters, deserts, tombstones and vultures. My work is a visual reflection of those themes, capturing both their melancholy and volatile sides.
My fun and funky dinosaur wrapping paper sold at the annual Center for Printing Arts Pop Up Sale here at Madison College. Something for both the young and young at heart to enjoy for that brief moment before tearing it off to see what wonders await beneath!
This was a freelance piece I was commissioned to do for The Isthmus, Madison\'s local culture publication. It is the feature illustration for the 30th annual Great Taste of the Midwest pre-festival events. This was done on very quick notice. 10 days from the time of being offered the commission to approval it being on the stands in print!
A promotional poster and DVD cover for HBO\'s iconic show, OZ. The show is an unflinching look into the life in the fictional Oswald State Correctional Facility aka OZ. The show emphasized that no matter how many people you were surrounded by, ultimately you were alone. My work is a summary of that feeling of isolation, fear, despair and confinement.
Excerpts from the first in a series of children's board books for newborn to 3 year age range. Covering those important topics of color, shapes, sizes, numbers and letters and the robots who love them! This is from Robots Love...COLOR! I wanted to provide very lighthearted silly fun robots as well as a unique range of colors. Something a bit different than the standard choices that dominate the bookshelves.