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I’m a creative artist who loves to paint weird juxtapositions of things reflecting the beauty that is so ubiquitous in our world. I love thunderstorms, Led Zeppelin, smiles from my daughters, and cheese. Working off far fetched concepts and bringing them together to make cool, clean designs is what makes me happy (especially if I’m by a window and listening to some records with too many candles around).
This is a promotional booklet for Moleskine sketchbooks. The concept I came up with is “Create Your Adventure”. Each spread of the booklet represents a specific type of sketchbook that encapsulates the different facets of exploration within ourselves.
After listening to these bands, I was inspired to design some gig posters to convey the mood and individuality of each band. I created them in Photoshop while utilizing several of my illustrations.
I adore the exotic yet earthy feel of World Market’s branding. With this in mind, I created a couple spot illustrations to apply to canvas shopping bags for their stores.
I decided to redesign the Strictly Discs website in order to depict the fun and groovy nature of their store and existing logo.
Home Qwirks is a business concept I had for a DIY home improvement shop. It’s a place where fun, laid back people can come and take classes, rent tools, and make some sweet stuff for their home.