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Creativity has always been a part of my life, but never something I thought to explore as far as a career. It wasn’t until my second year on the track to nursing school that I found graphic design. The more I explored, the more I fell in love with what makes design great. I find it incredibly powerful that each detail, from illustrative artwork down to color and font choices, can inspire feelings and emotion sometimes even words cannot describe.
Staccato began as a branding project that I created for an imaginary local music studio. The needs of students, parents and instructors inspired the concept for the The Staccato App. I designed a set of large icons and easy to read buttons to ensure an enjoyable user experience.
This project started with a simple, geometric illustration of the Capital. It quickly morphed into a modern design concept for Art Fair on the Square’s event branding and marketing. The geometric theme is echoed in the use of a square element, font choices, and layout.
This is a responsive redesign of the Dearly Beloved Wines website. I chose to explore a style that created a more seductive way to inspire a need for the perfect bottle of wine. Bright colors easily seduce the eyes, while a simple, responsive design keeps users coming back for more.
I took my own pen drawings of retro household appliances, vectorized them, and created a pattern designed for use on fabric and home goods.