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I grew up thinking art was boring. At the age of 10, I even passed on seeing the Mona Lisa to get ice cream. To be fair, it was delicious ice cream. After earning my B.S. in Economics and knowing it wasn't the career field I wanted to pursue, I happened to stumble upon a graphic design job posting. For the first time, I was excited by art. I have immersed myself in the graphic design world ever since that day. I love learning about all the new techniques and art forms. It's amazing how different my world is since I discovered design.
Steve Bird Wines is a New Zealand winery known for their rare and intriguing flavors. To highlight the winery’s strengths, I created three new wine labels featuring exotic birds. The labels were created using acrylic paints and Photoshop.
The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event is one of the biggest equestrian competitions in the world. While most people associate horseback riding with cute imagery, it is a grueling and dangerous sport. I used a double exposure Photoshop technique with bold colors to show the intensity of this competition.
Stephans Soccer is a soccer supply chain in the Midwest area. Ownership for the company has been passed down for generations. It was fitting for me to create a themed website around the idea of “Forever Fútbol.” The website design has a vintage feel with some bold colors to give it a modern edge. I used Photoshop for the image treatments and InDesign for most of the text.
J. Crew is my favorite retail store. Inspired by their charming patterns and bright colors, I created a Spring Fashion Concept. I used a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator to make the designs.