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Obstreperous and crass to diligence with class, the underlying mettle is what counts. Life has given me many opportunities and I have explored them as much as allowed.
Despite finishing my coursework here at Madison College, I am a student, still. Every new project is a chance to improve, streamline, and expand. I am always in the classroom, looking for things I have yet to learn.
Submitted design for this semester's portfolio show theme. Conceptually, I wanted to capture the idea that as we endure the pressures of our education, we are compressed into brilliant diamonds, ready to explore horizons beyond the sphere of the classroom.
A series of Public Service Announcements for the National Day of Unplugging that highlights the growing disparity of our isolated social activity on our devices.
This is totally going to be revamped into a series of logos. I can\'t make this ugly logo look good and fill up a spread without dumping a ton of time into that I don't want to do... (for now.)