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Tennis Express is an online store that provides tennis apparel, equipment, and accessories to athletes. In general, their store has three main sections: Men, Women, and Kids. I redesigned their current color scheme and logo in order to carry a victorious, bright, and athletic through the design of the advertisements.
Cave of the Mounds was discovered on August 4, 1939 by workers who blasted into the cave while removing limestone. Since, it has become a national landmark in Wisconsin. I chose to redesign their brand identity in order to help it reflect the iconic attraction and the cave’s value as a historical discovery.
The Concrete Company has been a reliable business in Madison for over 25 years. Their services include laying down custom concrete driveways and patios. In order to update their business identity, I based the deliverables on the variety of designs possible to create with concrete and the technology developed for it today.
Mackinac Island is a tourist attraction located in Lake Huron and is a part of Michigan. The Mackinac Island Tourist Pass is meant to be purchased prior to the vacation, mailed to the customer, and provide inspiration for how to build their visit. The icons emphasize the charm people can experience when they visit the island and overprinted inks support the idea of creating a multilayered adventure.