Visual Communications

Leigh Strommen

Hi, my name is Leigh Strommen. I'm a multi-media designer who works in video, audio, and motion graphics. From short films to radio shows, I enjoy making fantastic things not only as personal projects but also as corporate pieces. In December, I will graduate the Visual Communications program at Madison College. While in school, I learned how to take a project from concept to finished product. I love creating and I hope you enjoy my work.

2017 Demo Reel  PROJECT 1

My demo reel includes footage from interviews, events, and short films as well as color correction samples and animations.

Gold | A Short Film  PROJECT 2

This short film is about Beck as she makes a strange decision. For this project, I wrote the script, made a storyboard, cast friends, found locations and props, scheduled shoots, filmed on multiple days, and edited the final film.

Dress Up Wren  PROJECT 3
As a personal project and game I created about Renaissance Fair Costume Design. I designed the costumes on paper, drew them in Adobe Illustrator, imported the costumes into Adobe Animate, and coded the game.

Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery  PROJECT 4

Over the course of two interviews with the owner and an employee of Rosie’s Coffee Bar & Bakery, we discussed their work ethic, what the cafe hopes to accomplish, and what makes it a special place to visit. During post-production I edited together the interview and added music and B-roll footage.

Window of Opportunity Posters  PROJECT 5

One of my favorite television episodes is Stargate SG-1’s “Window of Opportunity”. Two characters get stuck in a time loop and have to find their way out. Fans refer to the episode as the “Froot Loop episode” so I decided to play that angle of a cereal bowl inside the Stargate.