Graphic Design & Illustration

Katherine Stoltz

Hello! As a little kid I always wanted to be an artist. Throughout my childhood up through high school, I did so many art things it wasn't funny. Now here at Madison Area Technical College, my life goal of being an artist is coming true! Thank you to all who have helped. When I am not designing something crazy, I enjoy reading fiction, playing flute, playing World of Warcraft, eating chocolate, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Wisconsin DOT Speeding PSA  PROJECT 1

Since speeding is an issue that is constantly present, I chose to do a PSA on it. Hopefully this ad series helps make it a bigger concern.

Blue Lotus Tattoo Logo Redesign  PROJECT 2

As a person that has a few tattoos, I take choosing the place on where to get it seriously. This redo of the Blue Lotus Tattoo parlor logo is much more simplified, and make it stand out in it's own unique way.

Staedtler Fineliner Marker Ad Series  PROJECT 3

As a designer, I use these fine-tip markers all the time. This ad series is unique because half of the image is actually drawn using the markers themselves, therefore giving the image a "hand-made" feel.