Graphic Design & Illustration

Claudia Soto

I grew up surrounded by all kinds of art and design media: Since I was young, I have found passion in designing, illustrating and photo editing; my parents are architects, and I have always had their support in my love of art. I began by owning a bakery/coffee shop in town, Le Petit Croissant. After a couple years there, I found myself unhappy. As soon as I started graphic design, I knew it was what I was meant to do. In my free time you can find me reading a book in Spanish, listening to music or dancing with my puppy.

Symponyzed  PROJECT 1

My intention here was to create interesting visuals that highlight the unique role that wood plays in sound production.

Kenra Color Creative  PROJECT 2

This is a brand dedicated to serving professional hair stylists. My goal was to use creative image editing to demonstrate the quality of their products.

Breakaway Portfolio Theme  PROJECT 3

This is a theme-design submitted for this semester’s portfolio show, worked on as a duo-team with Erik Hoffmann. We wanted to capture the idea that as we, the students, undergo the pressures of our education, there is no limit to learning and growing as artists: The role of graphic designers is to surround others, as well as ourselves, with the inspirational magic of art.

Flippoint Music Venue  PROJECT 4

Flippoint is a fictional music venue located in Los Angeles for major local music events, dance nights and a wide spectrum of touring acts; it is also for introducing the hottest new bands to LA.


Here, I wanted to create a PSA with enough visual and emotional impact that it might inspire viewers with casual attitudes towards drinking and driving to rethink their habits.