Graphic Design & Illustration

Christine Seeley

I have always thrived in artistic environments, so my transition from a focus on studio art to graphic design was fairly natural. I found quickly that I highly enjoyed the problem solving and critical thinking aspects of working and creating within the world of graphic design. I love to incorporate painting and other handmade artistic elements into my work when I can and when it is appropriate; it helps to elevate the work by making it more unique and textural. I try to stay involved in the world of fine art by painting, drawing, doing ceramics and working in other media as time permits! Outside of the world of visual art and design, I love to cook & bake, read as much as possible, hit the gym and take yoga classes, get outdoors & overall enjoy life in Madison.

JUST Coffee Eco-conscience Products Ad Series  PROJECT 1

I created a three-part ad series for JUST Coffee based on the different categories of eco-friendly products that they have available for eco-conscience consumers. I was deliberate in my use of the green foliage components to act as series elements, and also framing elements for the product. These ads were created using a mix of watercolor paintings, coffee beans, hand-lettering, photography and digital elements.

Wisconsin Homecoming Committee: Homecoming 2017 Series  PROJECT 2

Wisconsin Homecoming Committee is one of the two student groups I design for at my job with the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. For Homecoming 2017, I created a malleable branding series based on the official W, or "Dub," for the committee. It is a fun and lively series that encompasses the spirit of UW Homecoming while adhering to brand standards. The deliverables were a variety of print and digital assets. I also created their new committee logo, which is featured in the series.

University Avenue Discovery Center Branded Booklet  PROJECT 3

I have worked at UADC for many years as a teaching assistant and currently as the art teacher. I thought it would be fun to put a new spin on an informational brochure for them. The concept for the booklet grew out of the idea of a preschool "sculpting young minds" as well as having a fun and colorful environment for children to grow and learn in. I created most of the visual elements of the booklet out of modeling clay and others from cut-out felt, and layered them with text on top of a minimalistic background to create a clean and pleasant-to-read set of spreads.

WASB Presents: Mad City Spotlight  PROJECT 4

The Wisconsin Alumni Student Board is the other student group that I design for at my job with the WFAA. Mad City Spotlight is one event in a week-long series of events during the spring that WASB puts on. It is a music talent competition, so they wanted the event branding to have an edgier feeling than the others events. I focused on using the darker colors from our branding and lots of funky textures and campus related imagery.