Graphic Design & Illustration

Tracey Reinke

I have always loved to make things. Although graphic design might seem like a natural next step, it took a bit more than a step to find it. I started in engineering and briefly waded into the tech world before heading back to school. After one semester in Graphic Design, I knew I made the right choice and I haven't looked back. Outside of school, I'm a swing dancer and teach regularly here in Madison. I embrace my inner 80-year old in my remaining free time by reading, doing puzzles, watching British murder mysteries, and complaining about kids leaving their stuff on my lawn.

Kala Ukulele Co.  PROJECT 1

Inspired by the whimsy of these unique ukuleles, I concepted and developed the layout for this Kala Ukulele Co. brand booklet. It explores their Waterman ukes and specifically draws in customers that want an instrument to fit their personal style, while still sounding great. It blends bright colors, pulled straight from the ukulele line, with handmade paint strokes to evoke the fun, playful energy of the instrument.

Strop & Razor  PROJECT 2

Strop & Razor is a fictitious barber shop located in Portland, OR. By developing a strong picture of the owner, I aimed to create a brand that could stand apart in a saturated market. The Strop & Razor brand is inspired by vintage cars and the notion that a barbershop is a community space where you can connect with neighbors.

ChapStick  PROJECT 3

ChapStick users know a tube is never far away. They’re in purses, junk drawers, and jeans pockets—they're never left at home. That makes ChapStick the perfect travel companion. Each ad tailors the unique flavors and lip care lines to different vacation activities. By carefully photographing the props and using photo manipulation techniques, each tube was transformed into an expert travel companion.