Graphic Design & Illustration

Cassie Redmond

I’m a curious graphic and web designer. Creating things is what I do best and that’s what fuels my fire. When I get a project, I dig in during the concept phase and will stare at you doe-eyed and beaming when I deliver. The in-between, the tedious, detailed, creative process is what I love the most.

H & M Sustainable Line  PROJECT 1

H&M needed a look book and some social assets for their sustainable line, Conscious. The company puts a lot of effort in to gathering recycled clothes and using them to create this line. I ran with a smart/genius theme and created a geometric pattern to use across all the deliverables to get the point across to the consumer that they're making smart choices by choosing these clothes.

Hurray for Riff Raff  PROJECT 2

Hurray for the Riff Raff needed a cover for their album, Young Blood Blues. I was inspired by some lyrics from the album, "I've got heartache like a river". I water colored the heart and used some Photoshop skills to create this work.

American Birding Association  PROJECT 3

ABA needed a serious website re-design. Remember those old birding coffee table books? That was my inspiration. The vintage illustrations, darkened paper and retro type were all brought in to the web to give the viewers a cozy atmosphere to learn more about their favorite past time.

Discover the Forest PSA  PROJECT 4

This three-page series PSA was for They are a nonprofit that wants you to put aside your phone and connect with nature instead of Facebook. Inspired by this idea of getting out of technology, I hand cut these illustrations from construction paper, assembled with glue and photographed them.

Martha's  PROJECT 5

Martha's Mustard is a company from Madison that was in need of an update. It's a hand-crafted product and I didn't originally get that feeling from the website and packaging. So, like Martha makes her mustard by hand, I found some mustard flowers and drew them by hand to create the logo and flourishes for the package. I also simplified her website and created some Pinterest ads.