Graphic Design & Illustration

Savanna Radtke

Hello I am Savanna! A fun, loving, outgoing, and creative person. I have a passion for the arts and love to surround myself with others who feel the same. I pride myself on my tireless pursuit of quality – always holding myself to the highest standards. From an early age my Dad instilled in me a strong creative drive and inspired me to pursue my goals with enthusiasm and confidence.

Vomm Fass Logo  PROJECT 1

Vom Fass is a little local store on State Street that sells oils, vinegars, spices and spirits. The thing about this classy little store is the unique bottles that you fill up to take the products home in.

Lana Del Ray Poster Series  PROJECT 2

Lana Del Ray is one of my favorite musicians with powerful voice and even more meaningful lyrics. These are only qualities about the artist is what made her a perfect subject for a poster series.

Connect With Toms  PROJECT 3

With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. I came up with the concept to create a brochure on how TOMS connects with people in need.

Viola Tine  PROJECT 4

I’ve always been very interested in Fashion since I was little. So I decided to create my own line of designs that I screen printed onto shirts.

Majestic  PROJECT 5

I love music and my dream is to design concert posters, tickets, album art, and more. I am a frequent concert go-er at the Majestic, so this was a fun project to do.