Graphic Design & Illustration

Enya Oleson

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I love all things sci-fi, anime, and nature like. You can almost always find me creating or macgyvering something random and cool. I am also a self proclaimed chicken nugget connoisseur.

Album Cover Redesign  PROJECT 1

I wanted to create an alternate cover art piece for Imagine Dragons. I was inspired by their new album, so I created a folk art linoleum block print, and made it a great new cover.

Playing Card Deck  PROJECT 2

I love playing cards, and I love myth monsters. So I said to myself, "Why not combine them?" I created a 52 card deck. Each suit has myth monsters and folklore creatures from different places around the world. Each card has a pen and ink illustration that is digitally painted, and the name of the creature so that you can look up the hidden mysteries behind them.

New Horizons Branding  PROJECT 3

For this project I created branding for a made up bicycle tour company. The concept is to travel throughout Wisconsin and collect map pieces to finish the routes of the trails. You can log into an app and submit your progress, compete with friends, and upload your photos.