Visual Communications

Cody Oasen

With every frame I shoot, I try to tell a story. A story about what a character is going through, or what an interviewee is thinking. I believe film is a very powerful medium, both to portray feelings and convey messages. Whether it's happiness or sorrow, anger or peacefulness, I think every emotion has a 'look'. I take pride and find joy in creating those 'looks', and building a world with a camera. I am a committed learner and fan of the visual arts, and I strive to be a cinematographer that creates beautiful and thought-provoking images that stand out among the rest.

Demo Reel  PROJECT 1

A compilation of short films and videos.

Fonts  PROJECT 2

"Fonts" is a short film about an interrogation. It showcases my ability to create a mood with lighting and framing, as well as my ability to direct actors to get the best shot.

Cookies With Abigail  PROJECT 3

A process video, "Cookies with Abigail" demonstrates my vision with color and camera movements. I attempted to not only create a video that informs, but a work of art, as well.

The Tenant  PROJECT 4

The Tenant is a story of a lonely man struggling to find his place in the world. I made a concerted effort to create very distinct lighting for this film, while also focusing on using foley and other sounds to create a mood. The film asks the question: which side of yourself do you want to be? You can only be one.

Veracity  PROJECT 5

Veracity is centered around a homeless man who wakes up behind an abandoned building to find his friend dead. Probably my most ambitious project, Veracity includes numerous locations and lighting scenarios.

Lake Mills Festival of Color  PROJECT 6

I covered the festival in the Fall of 2016. This video is an example of my ability to cover an event, provide a voice over, and edit the video together. I would consider this, a "news" video.