Visual Communications

Foster Oakes

Born in Madison, WI, Foster Oakes is a simple man with simple pleasures. Ever since taking a Final Cut Pro class in 2010, he has had an interest in piecing together the parts of a story through video editing. Since going through this program, that interest has become a passion and Foster looks forward to whatever challenges come his way each day.

Demo Reel  PROJECT 1

A short compilation of the works I have completed in the Visual Communications Program.

Supporting the Community @BP  PROJECT 2

A short video on the BP gas station located on Park St. in Madison, WI which highlights their contributions and focus on the community around them.

Filament Games  PROJECT 3

A video showcasing the game development studio, Filament Games. Filament Games is based in Madison, WI and they specialize in education and learning games. To find out more visit

Lewis Black "Accepted" Kinetic Type  PROJECT 4

A video done in the style of kinetic type. I animated it to a quote by Lewis Black from the film "Accepted".

Google Doodle Dreamcast  PROJECT 5

An animation in the style of a Google Doodle. It is themed after the splash screen from the 2001 video game console, Sega Dreamcast.

3D Product Mockup and Composition  PROJECT 6

A 3d mockup of a product you would see at your local store. Composition shots exemplify what it would look like in the real world. The mockup was created using Cinema 4D.