Graphic Design & Illustration

Sarah Morton

I'm a newly-minted Graphic Design and Illustration graduate from Madison College. My areas of interest include branding, web design and development, and user experience design. I love clever wordplay and striking photography, and bring both skills to my design work. I am also a printmaker, and create silkscreen artwork as a member of Madison's Polka! Press Printing Cooperative. When I'm not designing, I enjoy biking around Madison, hiking, knitting, visiting coffee shops, reading, listening to and talking about music, and trying new recipes.

Octothorpe Social Media Workshop  PROJECT 1

Octothorpe is an imagined social media management and consulting company based in Madison, Wisconsin. It is a joyful, quirky, bold, bright and seriously fun brand with focus on local business and culture. The design and branding for the company reflect these values in online, print and social media. #yay.

#TechnoTrash Public Service Campaign & Website  PROJECT 2

The #TechnoTrash campaign draws attention to our growing electronic waste problem through arresting visuals - the model mobile phone, tablet and laptop were created from household garbage and photographed - that juxtapose glossy consumer electronics with low-tech trash. The campaign drives audiences to a website providing tips on extending the life of devices, options for donating and re-using old items, and resources for safely recycling hardware at the end of its life.

Happy Drawers Campaign  PROJECT 3

Ad series for MeUndies, an online-only retailer specializing in classic, bold and adventurous underwear and clothing for all genders. You may have heard of MeUndies if you listen to almost any popular podcast, and expanding the brand’s advertising to new, offline audiences (InStyle Magazine serves as a test case for both print and tablet) was one of the goals for this series. The series has a social element through the #HappyDrawers hashtag.

Kirei na Mono Screenprints  PROJECT 4

Kirei na mono (“Pretty Things”) is a set of handmade screenprint posters inspired by the Japanese tradition of woodblock printing and by contemporary design principles. Four of the prints — Sakura, Koi, Torii and Karesansui — correspond to spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively, reflecting Japanese cultural interest in seasonality, transience, and moments in time.

The Bee's Needs  PROJECT 5

The Bee's Needs provides bee-friendly garden starter kits for households that want a homegrown, eco-friendly and beautiful way to protect our bee population. Customers order seed kits in windowsill, porch, or flowerbed sizes, and receive organic, pollinator friendly seeds in honeycomb-inspired, hexagonal packages. Create buzz!