Graphic Design & Illustration

Lauren Lehnen

I have always loved art, made it my mission to take every art class in high school, and never had a moment’s hesitation that my career would be one of developing vibrant imagery. It was in college that I discovered graphic design was a best fit for my particular aesthetic. Now, poised at the brink of professional life, I am thrilled at the thought of spending a career exploring and expanding my lifelong passion for creating strong, engaging visual solutions. I'm excited to apply my skills to help companies communicate. In my spare time I love to explore different types of media to incorporate into my designs.

Tupperware Brochure  PROJECT 1

Tupperware is a brand that needs no introduction, but could use a makeover. I wanted to generate a more energized, playful brochure for a product that casts a long shadow.

Artist Posters  PROJECT 2

In my free time I love to explore Photoshop tutorials. I created posters for two of my favorite artists and applied tutorials to them that I've learned overtime.

Sunshine Wine  PROJECT 3

Sunshine wine is a fun and playful outlook on wine. I wanted to create a bright and colorful logo that represents my style of design.