Graphic Design & Illustration

Erik Hoffmann

After a brief gig of photo editing for a surf company based back in my home town of Brisbane, Queensland, I had found myself fascinated by the world of photoshop and design. Combining my love for world travel with the urge to pursue a career in this direction, I chose to study abroad and moved to Madison, Wisconsin. It is a field I find utterly rewarding from concept to creation! When I’m not being creative at the desk, I’m powering a tennis ball down the court, watching a meaningful film, or discovering ancient civilizations on the other side of the world.

Gatorade Ad Series  PROJECT 1

My desire to approach this product was due to my attraction to the raw, focused and energetic style of sports advertisements. The combination of hybrid imagery, contrasting visuals and strong typography created the suitably ‘high-powered’ tone I envisioned.

Motion Picture Posters  PROJECT 2

A natural choice to add to my design repertoire lending itself my own interest in film and television. I feel that this medium allows room to take both illustrative, typographic and/or photographic approaches. Finding the right balance for the particular film along with the right design is just the beginning of what I consider a fun and challenging creative process.

Motel 6 Brochure  PROJECT 3

I chose to alter their brand image by utilizing the primary colors associated with the brand and keeping to a clean, refined feel created through modern-looking graphics. Typography and photography also played a big role in orchestrating the pages layout. This kind of approach lifts the image of Motel 6 to the more luxurious accommodation options, while at the same time giving a better identity to the brand.

Breakaway Event Planning  PROJECT 4

'Breakaway' is a pitched portfolio theme for the Madison Area Technical College graduating class of Fall 2017. This pitch (worked on as a duo-team with Claudia Soto) centered around the idea of creating a magical, mystical and dramatic theme coupled with a energetic style.