Graphic Design & Illustration

Kimberly Hauri

After high school I was torn between web design and programming for career paths. I chose programming and loved it, but the thought of becoming a designer never left me. After enrolling in the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Madison Area Technical College, I learned the skills to develop my personal style as a designer. I look forward to strengthening my skills as a professional in both graphic design and programming in the years to come.

Fast Forward Skate Center Web Design  PROJECT 1

Fast Forward Skate Center is a roller rink located in Madison, Wisconsin. I wanted their website to generate the high energy and excitement of the venue. Utilizing my skills in Photoshop, I redesigned their website to create memorable visuals that would get people pumped about going to the roller rink.

Legoats  PROJECT 2

I was given an amazing opportunity to work on a fourth graders’ BadgerBOTS team logo that they used on their team’s t-shirts during a Lego robotics competition. This project was not only fun, but it taught me how to work as part of a design team with a real-world client. Throughout the project, my primary role was illustrative.

Super Cats Kids Clothes  PROJECT 3

What is more fun than super heroes? Well super hero cats of course! Each of these heroic felines were hand drawn and then digitally colored to create fun patterns for kids clothing.

Exotic Pet Trade PSA Series  PROJECT 4

After seeing a news article showing how someone was caught smuggling yellow-crested cockatoos by stuffing them inside water bottles, I decided to put my Photoshop skills to work to bring awareness to the awful reality of the exotic pet trade. This poster series was produced to grab viewers’ attention quickly with a shocking, but not gruesome, image depicting the conditions that many birds go through before becoming household pets.