Graphic Design & Illustration

Laura Gang

With a background in both art and writing, I like to think of myself as storyteller as well as designer. I love learning about a wide range of people and subjects, and figuring out how best to tell their stories through striking visuals and compelling copy. Design that seeks to do some social or environmental good moves me the most. Offline, I find inspiration attending live music events, hiking bluffs and mountains, and figuring out the best lunch bowl combinations.

Huckleberry  PROJECT 1

Huckleberry would be my dream client and cafe. Set in Portland, Huckleberry is a community-centered cafe serving quality coffee, crepes, and pastries with seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. In developing the logo and branding, I wanted to convey this friendly and inclusive environment through custom lettering, hand-drawn illustrations, and a buoyant color palette.

JBC Coffee Roasters  PROJECT 2

Local company JBC Coffee Roasters has a logo that invites motion. Referencing the minimal color palette and distinctive visual style of their brand, I created a short animation of their logo.

Virent  PROJECT 3

Virent is a local company on the cutting edge of green energy technology. In this website redesign concept, I used clean, bright images, type, and patterns to bring a smart and approachable look to their brand – matching their mission – and utilized principles of responsive web design when producing the layout for other device sizes.

FairShare CSA  PROJECT 4

FairShare CSA's mission is all about bringing people closer to their food and community. In animating this statement, I created whimsical and textural illustrations, which harmonizes with their current branding. Used the abstract paintings of Leanne Shapton as visual inspiration.

Altoids  PROJECT 5

Altoids, with roots in the British Industrial Revolution, is a brand that is both serious and irreverent. I sought to bring this quirky personality to life, while also referencing its historical background in a quirky brand booklet. Wrote copy, headlines, and created collaged illustrations.

Chacos  PROJECT 6

Chacos are the footwear for any adventure, as their loyal fan base knows. In this series of ads for the company, I created digital illustrations and hand lettering that captures that spirit of adventure.