Visual Communications

Skyler Doud

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been passionate about storytelling. Growing up, I was able to express my passion through the mediums of photo and video. Then I was able to tell other people's stories such as protests, performances, charity events, and weddings. I enjoy being behind a project from pre-production to editing the final touches. I have worked great with others collaboratively and can be just as effective working independently. I’m excited to show you some of my best work.

The Waterways Walk  PROJECT 1

This was for The Waterway Walk benefit that is held once a year in Lac Du Flambeau. It’s to praise and cherish the gift of clean water. For this shoot, I tried to document as much as I could.

Rogelios and Brenda's Wedding  PROJECT 2

This was my first wedding I got to produce a video for. I worked very closely with the bride and groom to ensure I captured every moment that they would want to look back at for the rest of their lives.

Why Everyone Hates Comic Sans  PROJECT 3

I’ve always been passionate about motion graphics and how useful it can be to convey information. This is my first full project done with motion graphics.

Standing Rock  PROJECT 4

For this piece, I was given the opportunity to document a once in a lifetime event at the Standing Protest in North Dakota. I stayed on location for three days filming and shoots photos. It was a very surreal experience that could never truly be captured in few photos.