Graphic Design & Illustration

See Dollard

As a kid, I found inventive ways to express the artist in me. Now, I embrace my creative side to solve conceptual problems and produce authentic results. I strive to learn and push boundaries in our ever-changing creative world. When I’m not busy designing, I’m most likely cruising the sidewalks and parks for inspiration, watching sappy foreign dramas, or making a mess in the kitchen baking cupcakes.

Taste of Madison  PROJECT 1

Since 1983, Taste of Madison has drawn in over 250,000 people to the Capitol Square for its annual event. The goal was to showcase what the festival offers at the event in a unique and interesting way. The resulting poster is a quirky illustrated piece combining food and music with the objective to pull in even more attendees.

Round Rock  PROJECT 2

Round Rock is a fictional jewelry shop created from the ground up. The company's mission is to connect people with each other by delivering unique and timeless jewelry for its clients. The concept was to be bold with feminine elements. I created the main logo with thick brush strokes accompanied by hand lettering to highlight the brand’s one of a kind handmade pieces. The pattern was inspired by the shapes and delicacy of jewels and diamonds.

Foundation for Madison Public Schools  PROJECT 3

How do you brand an organization that has made a positive difference in children throughout Madison’s public schools? The Foundation for Madison Public Schools has raised more than $1.3 million in grants to support Madison’s 50 public schools. I developed a new logo that displayed symbols representing the organization’s mission to support our children through education and opportunities. The concept feels clean, contemporary, and trusted.