Graphic Design & Illustration

Ana Detert

I never considered myself an artist, but I suppose I have been since I was little. My mother would tell you I’ve always had a love affair with markers. These days I tend to spend a lot more of my time with Photoshop and Illustrator, but I try to sneak away with my markers as often as I can. Branding is my favorite part of design. I find something oddly satisfying about making all the elements of a project fit together. In my free time, I have been known to spend hours shopping for a new favorite font or dreaming up ways to improve the logo for the laundromat down the street. However, in the interest of variety, I try to spend some time away from the computer, so when I’m not designing, you can find me entertaining my dogs (I have three of them!), absorbing crime novels, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and working on my CrossFit skills.

wizzywig Tech Support and Coffee Bar  PROJECT 1

Founded on the principle of transparency (with a clever nod to the computer-savvy), wizzywig is your nerdier (but seriously, way cooler) alternative to Starbucks.

Technical Illustrations  PROJECT 2

Breaking down an object into simple lines and shapes serves the dual purpose of showcasing form, which is often overlooked, and helping the viewer understand how the object is made or how it works.

Together Towards Tomorrow  PROJECT 3

The Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, in collaboration with the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, hosted a conference in September 2017, for members of the State’s aging and disability network. Armed with the theme “Together Towards Tomorrow,” I was tasked with designing a cohesive brand with graphic elements that could be used across a variety of digital and printed materials.