Graphic Design & Illustration

Kelsey Bausch

My kindergarten teacher once told my Mom that I colored inside the lines really well and paid great attention to detail – a comment I managed to ignore until three years into college. I am naturally drawn to organization and problem solving. Graphic design offers the perfect marriage of two things I cannot live without: art and structure.

Underground Meats brochure  PROJECT 1

Underground Meats is a meat wholesaler located in Madison, Wisconsin with a focus on locally sourced and humanely treated animals. Design inspired by the work that Underground Meats does and what they produce. In addition to making something such as meat approachable to consumers, it reflects the friendly nature of the company and its employees as well.

Cellar Door Wine Company  PROJECT 2

A branding and identity piece created with a fun, modern look using local hues paired with a minimalist design. Kicking the classic and conventional looking label's to the curb.

Drift Weather App  PROJECT 3

Drift is a weather app designed for those who live in cities but love the escape nature and adventure brings. Drift was created with a focus on organic colors that nature produces and the geometric style that urban areas so often have. Features include easy toggling from current weather to multi-day forecast with just a swipe of a finger and built in information on sites and activities.

A Bathing Ape Catalog  PROJECT 4

A Bathing Ape is a high-end Japanese clothing brand known for its interesting street wear style and signature ape logo. A catalog and social media marketing created to showcase their women's winter apparel, contrasting the grittiness of urban landscape with structured textures and cool hues.