Graphic Design & Illustration

Megan Bauer

Throughout my life, I always found the most joy and satisfaction from creating. I knew that if I could find a career that catered to that, work would never really feel like work. After starting my journey at Madison College I grew an understanding and passion for Graphic Design. I fell in love with typography, web design and layout and knew that this was meant for me. When I'm not designing, you can find me at the gym relieving some stress, snapping shots behind a camera, or binge watching That 70s Show.

Responsive Website  PROJECT 1

The Chicago Scooter Company is a modern and sophisticated company that introduces a funky way to get around town. Their brand is clean and simple, allowing the scooters to shine front and center.

Booklet Design  PROJECT 2

I wanted an opportunity to work with a lot of type in one project. I chose a bright, bold color palette and duotone images as a visual style to make Professional Hearing Care really stand out. I stuck with simple, bold typography that their patients could easily read and get information from.

Purell Advertisement  PROJECT 3

Using vector illustration and photoshop brushes, I illustrated these germs transforming into statistics about hand hygiene.