Graphic Design & Illustration

Holly Anderson

I came to Graphic Design later in life, but then, I have had a few years to develop qualities that translate to any career, such as communication skills, patience, and an excellent work ethic. There are so many aspects of this field that I enjoy; discovering each new facet has been thrilling, and I can't wait to discover what is around the corner! My husband always challenged me to go back to school, but without a driving passion I couldn't see spending all that time and money. Then one day I found myself in Border's Books, pulling all kinds of books from the shelves about typography and page layout and suddenly I realized, "This! This is it!" So, I went to Madison College and met the most awesome instructors and made lots of friends and learned a ton of stuff about this thing I had never considered before. What a journey! I can't wait to see what happens next! A few things I enjoy: Family time • Bookbinding • Children’s literature • Reading • Photography • Gardening • Sewing • Cardboard box repurposing • Yoga • RVing • Travel • Collecting random factoids and quotes • Beach−combing


When I chose "kids' gym" out of that hat in class, I felt a bit deflated. I have spent my entire adult life caring for children, and I'm on my way to a new career in Graphic Design. I was apprehensive about spending an entire semester working on a kids' project. But I quickly realized that my experience with children would prove very useful. I got excited about it, and had a ton of ideas. Lots of smiling kids, of course, and bright colors, but the name and that logo gave me such a hard time. I worked and reworked it until I heard it sing. Now I love it and I wish I could create a real gym with all the attributes I've dreamed up!

Oasis Café  PROJECT 2

The owner of this local café loves to travel, and has postcards sent from all over the world posted on the walls. The current branding doesn't really reflect the atmosphere or quality of the place, so I thought I'd give it a fresh look. The concept behind the logo is that steam is rising up from hot coffee and becoming a mirage of palm trees, conjuring the feel of a desert oasis. Included are a few color schemes and iterations of the logo as options.

Animalendar  PROJECT 3

I think word play is so much fun! This wall calendar pairs original portmanteau words with some of my photography and funky design and typography, and was a bit like this designer's dream come true.