I have lived a life with many “labels.” I have been a son, brother, uncle, husband, father, manager, superintendent, purchaser, foreman, classmate and friend, as well as countless others I have earned along the way.
Most recently I can proudly add “Visual Communicator” to that long list. I have gained amazing skills from the Visual Communications program at Madison College. Photographer, Videographer, Motion Graphic Artist, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Audio Producer… so many more new labels and so many more new dimensions to this experience I call life. I have found my passion to be taking a vision, packaging it and sharing it with the world. Whether it’s project management, holding a camera in my hand or sitting behind a computer with the Adobe Creative Suite at my fingertips, I strive for a way to bring that vision to life.
Coming from an extensive production management background, I work well with others and I am quick to identify strengths of people and direct efforts to effectively play to individual skillsets and achieve maximum productivity as well as delivering a high quality product to a client on time… no excuses.
I bring this experience and attention to detail to this new chapter in my life as a Visual Communicator.