Alison Ziegelhoffer

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I am an illustrator, designer, and not-so-closet nerd. A lifelong love for Illustration and cartoon art led me to pursue a career in Graphic Design. My experience at Madison College has helped me merge and refine all of my creative passions. I’m an enthusiastic fan of many genres and styles of illustration, and my wide range of inspirations helps to inform my design sense. Throughout this program, design has become not only a hobby but also a passion.

Tini Tapenade

Brand development and packaging design for a fictional company that produces tapenade. The design was created with bright colors and playful imagery in order to fit company's friendly, welcoming and accessible image.


Magazine advertisements for the Haribo candy company, created by arranging and photographing Haribo gummy candy. This series was a collaborative effort with the photographer Karlee Mikkelson.


Brand development and web design for a fictional online support community for local individuals who suffer from mental illness. Chatterbrain was designed to portray the community's accepting and casual nature.

Western Zodiac Series

Character design and illustration built around the idea of horoscopes and star signs. The goal of the project was to design a cast of characters that fit together stylistically, but were easily distinguished from one another.