The challenge of adapting to the ever-changing world of art and design excites me. Listening to podcasts, exploring Madison through my sketchbook, and attending events to engage with other creatives are ways art has become my lifestyle. I’m inspired by people who push boundaries with the way we communicate visually. I made the decision to focus on illustration because I enjoy solving conceptual problems. Above all I aim to bring a positive impact to peoples lives with my creative work.
Influences: Van Gogh, Casey Neistat, Mr. Kate, Jessica Walsh, John Joven, Lee White, Tuna Bora, Mary Blair

36 Characters in the Alphabet

I enjoy stories and narratives. In "36 Characters in the Alphabet" I've chosen some of my favorite characters interpreted as letters in the alphabet.

Newsletter: Heart Month

Know Your Pharmacy is a newsletter I managed and designed for O'Connell Pharmacy. Ketchup is one of the biggest culprits for hidden sugar and was used to illustrate elements through out the newsletter.

Newsletter: Healthy Aging

For this project I took the opportunity to develop a character that would learn about healthy aging with the reader.

Healthy Aging

You may recognize the broccoli character from the Healthy Aging newsletter. Here you see a clip from the educational video we used for the Healthy Aging campaign. I used motion graphics to add life to my illustrations. You can watch the whole video with this link:

Channel Graphics for Feminist Fridays

After designing a booklet introducing Marina Shutup’s Youtube videos. a school project turned into reality. Marina had seen the project I’d done for class and asked if I would design graphics for her channel. You can see the graphics in action at