Samuel Wenkman

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I’ve had my heart in the creative world since I was young. The Graphic Design program has shown that art is a side of me I’ll never let go. It’s an exhilarating feeling to illustrate a new idea and share it with others. Creating a meaningful narrative for my audience that helps them through the rough patches of life is my artistic passion.
Graphic design allows me to help people of all ages and occupations to materialize their concepts. With design and illustration, my career goal is to become an illustrator of stories and my own graphic novels.

Mechanical Rainbow Cats of Doom (Mr.Cod)

Designing the fourth graders’ BadgerBOTS team logo and t-shirt, is an experience unlike any I’ve ever had. This project really taught me how to work together with clients and children in the same setting. I wanted the logo to be quirky and fun to capture the enthusiasm the kids put into their ideas. This was a group project. My contribution was the Illustration.

Page Pals Bookmarks

Page Pals needed to be a product offset printed and sold in a school pop-up sale. I had the idea to create a delightful set of unique, animal bookmarks to fulfill that role and promote reading. As another group project, my contributions include the bookmark Illustrations, page layout, and input on typography.

Prismacolor Ad Campaign

I wanted these ads to be quick reads. The text and imagery work together to convey the quality of the product through vibrant color and a concept of comparing media. I was the creative director on this project and I worked with a studio photographer. My contribution consisted of all photoshop work, concepting, and design.