Through my time playing in bands at an early age, I started to appreciate the art of concert posters and album art. I found my love for illustration and clean design while trying to create an image for my bands music. I started drawing all the time and figuring out how to make these drawings digital. This led me to want to pursue a career in graphic design. While studying at Madison College, the biggest skill I’ve learned is how to manage my time better, while also perfecting my personal design styles.

Rock N Roll Land Branding

Rock N Roll Land is a record store in Green Bay, Wisconsin that is also a concert venue and a place that you can buy all sorts of things rock n roll related. They needed a fresh new look.

Supervillain Posters

I have a huge love for simple design, specifically the posters of Swiss design and I love the production of hip hop. Especially the music of these three artists. These posters are for the same event, but since each artist is a headliner, they each get their own poster.

Illustrated Letterpressed Calendar

I drew these characters because I love cats. I decided to letterpress them, so I got them ready in Illustrator and exposing it on polymer. Then I mixed the ink and pressed them on the Vandercook press!

Jello Biafra Concert Poster

I drew the dude with the TV head and took it into Photoshop using textures and brushes to get a cool, worn out technique and then added the type and put the same textures and brush effects on those.