I have always enjoyed drawing since I was a kid, doodling cute monsters or animals I found in books. Going into graphic design I found a place where I belonged. I have taken my drawing skills and applied it in new ways to communicate an impacting message. Helping others and giving back to communities is what drives me to design. When I’m not sketching up new ideas, I’m usually running, reading a new book, or playing one of my favorite video games.

Cure Olive Oils

My objective for this was to come up with a brand identity for an olive oil product. I started from scratch, brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to make the product complete.

Dane County Humane Society

Project I started by brainstorming ideas to give the Dane County Humane Society a new look. Giving animals a home is an important cause to me and that is why I wanted to do this project. My goal was to create something clean and easy to read.

Boo Boo Bandages

Wanted to incorporate some of my illustrations that would make this package feel colorful and playful, something kids would want to pick up.