I made the decision to go back to school to study graphic design after a career as an academic advisor at UW–Madison. I came into the program with very little experience and have been amazed with how quickly the instructors and students have helped me develop my skills as a designer. My previous studies in sociology and time as an advisor have helped me better communicate with clients to bring their ideas to life. When I’m not designing, you can usually find me running, knitting, or spending time with my husband and cat!

The Mellow Mustard Company Branding

After finding that many small-batch mustard companies lean toward the masculine, I decided to take The Mellow Mustard Company in a kinder, gentler direction. I designed the logo, packaging, and branding and wrote the copy for the website.

Buttercup Logo

I designed this logo for Kylene Gehrke as she was launching her esthetics boutique, Buttercup. She wanted a logo that was clean, simple, feminine, and versatile. My goal was to produce a logo that met Kylene’s needs as they evolved with her growing business. Regarding the process, Kylene said, “It was reassuring to have someone to guide and educate me through the process, as well as take such good directions.”

Mrs. Meyer’s Brand Booklet

I created this brand booklet for the popular Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to inform consumers of the natural cleaning power of their products. They get the job done without using harsh chemicals—Grandma would approve! I developed the concept, wrote the copy, added a duotone color treatment to the photos, and designed the layout of the booklet.

Letterpress Printing

Even though the bulk of graphic design work is now done on computers, you just can’t beat the tactile process of letterpress printing! From developing the polymer or setting up the wood or metal type, to mixing the ink, to physically printing the pieces on trusty old presses, I find great satisfaction in producing pieces by hand in the printing lab at school. Here is a sample of some of the items I designed and printed.