Josue Salazar

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Born in California and raised in Madison, I have always been drawn to design. I am constantly looking for different ways to improve my life and work. I am a firm believer in asking questions and love to learn. When I’m not designing, I like to build things with my hands and enjoy amateur photography.

American Horror Concept

I created my own season for the show "american horror story". I centered it around a old schoolhouse theme. The main image is made from scratch, based around a old preschool photo I had laying around with my cousin in it. The other 2 ads were made from old yearbooks, drawn on and scanned back in. This was extremely fun to create.


For this series I decided to make several maps of places special to me. I decided to go with the places I've lived in, The first is a map of the state of Jalisco itself, then the city of Guadalajara, in Jalisco. Lastly my current home city of Madison, WI. I reviewed maps of the cities and made them as accurate as possible.

Lego Instructions

For this one I wanted to have a little fun while showing some technical skills. I was up late playing with legos and thought it would be a cool idea to make an instruction booklet for a random bird I created while playing around.