Ever since I could hold a crayon, I have created with passion. My process focuses on the intersection of fine art and design. This merging results in a clean design approach that engages an illustrative and spunky sense of humor. Within this unique balance the energy in my work thrives. I have always been infatuated with colors and how they interact. The raw component of color has so much power, and I enjoy finding ways to harness that into emotionally moving work.

Fish Food Packaging

I’ve found that fish food packaging usually isn’t very attractive, so I felt inclined to take the matter into my own hands. I enjoyed illustrating the fish with my Wacom tablet and applying the designs to slender containers.

Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks Booklet

I approached Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks about creating this 16 page booklet for them. It was an additional marketing piece that they were in need of. The tall and slim shape is designed to fit inside the knife box, accompanying the chef knife. I sat down with them on multiple occasions to determine what information was needed, and how it should flow. I followed their pre-existing branding style, along with interjecting my own voice into the booklet.

Endangered Animal Illustrations

This project began as a mailer for the World Wildlife Fund. Each illustrated animal is a mask for children that also functions as an informative piece on the endangered species. The tongue flips down with the facts about that specific animal. I enjoyed applying the animal illustrations to products to be sold at any local zoo.

Taqueria Guadalajara Website Redesign

Taqueria Guadalajara, the amazing Mexican Restaurant in Madison could use a website redesign. Considering their food being such high quality, I thought they could have a different feel. I would want to change their name to “The Dancing Plate”, a sophisticated and modern hotspot for foodies. I pulled the colors from the delectable photograph.

Headcarver Beer Label

I came up with the name “Headcarver” for this pumpkin ale and knew it was perfect for the message being conveyed. I drew the illustration with ink on paper and scanned it. Spook yourself out with a beer so intense that you start to carve your own head!

Wrestling Alone Ads

This ad idea came to me through experience since my two cats are terrified of the following, and these treats come to the rescue. My illustrations were drawn with ink, then scanned in. I art directed this project and the photographer was Uriel Ramirez.