My favorite thing about studying at Madison College would have to be the ability to access open labs to get work you need done at any time. Also, the teachers are great to work with and meet up with you if you need assistance. My work and I have changed a lot since the first week at MATC. It has definitely changed for the better! My skills have improved since day one - especially my drawing skills and organizational skills. I am most passionate about creating new things for people and the world. I really want to make the world a cooler place to look at and be a part of.

Atlantis Taverna Re-brand

In this concept I wanted to make Atlantis Taverna's current branding a little more fun and interesting. I hand drew a logo for them, and created a number of pieces they could use, like, to-go bags, menu, to-go box and a business card.

Savageman Triathlon

In this concept I wanted to create a whole new logo and Ad series for the Savageman triathlon, I wanted to create a logo that had a half man, half machine feel; because triathlons are so fierce and tough. In the Ad series I made a poster, billboard ad, and magazine/newspaper ad.

Rabid Animals

In this concept I wanted to just show that I can come up with a character out of nowhere and turn it into something that can be used in a different scenario like a children's book, or a magazine, this concept had more of a rabid/radiation theme to it with bright colors that don't make it to scary.