Art and Design have been a source of delight for me as far back as I can remember. I noticed early on how color, shape, pattern, and style affected people’s moods and reactions to everything – from packaged products to doctor’s waiting rooms. I believe that design should be used as a functional tool to help shape the world for the better.

Chicken & The Egg // Branding

This design project was heavily inspired by the textures and sensory experiences that are involved in being a coop owner. I wanted to create a logo that pulled from these concepts, but is also new and progressive. The flexibility of the logo reflects the flexibility needed to navigate the modern world of brand identity.

Hip Mama // Magazine Layout + Editorial Illustration

For this self-directed project I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and work in a new illustration style. I applied that idea to a project in a field that has always fascinated me: editorial illustration. I picked a magazine article that intrigued me, and let the article’s themes inform my new direction. Early childhood’s engrossment with the mastery of basic geometric shapes seemed like a perfect direction to take. Using these simple shapes as my base, I built up a quirky and whimsical world for the article to live in.

Children's Theater of Madison // Advertising Campaign

This project was inspired by the era in which the play takes place, and intended to draw a younger generation there. Because the play has darker themes and is intended for a slightly olde! r audience I didn’t want to create a bubbly, busy, and colorful ad campaign typical of children’s theater. Instead I opted to create something simpler and more mature, yet still friendly and optimistic.

Zenni Optical // Ad Series

Zenni Optical is an amazing little start-up out of San Francisco that offers stylish prescription glasses at a very low cost. They place no ads in order to pass savings on to their customers. I was inspired by their dedication, not only to quality, but to bringing that quality to those who might not otherwise afford it. To create these ads I worked with photographer Rachel Bahls in order to get high quality images of Zenni’s glasses.