Amber Maruszewski

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I’ve had a passion for visual arts ever since I could hold a pencil. It feels like I never put one down, I’m often sketching the bones of a new project, drawing my surroundings, or writing endless to-do lists. When I do put my pencil down, I’m posting things on Instagram, petting cats, exploring the outdoors, dying my hair rainbow colors, or picking up a paintbrush. My creative energy comes from music and other artists that I admire. I’m self-motivated, caffeinated, and ready to take on new challenges and experiences.

Botanical Calendar

To create this calendar, I illustrated different types of plants and flowers in the same style to create an informational and decorative calendar that celebrates the diversity of plant life. Each page has an illustrated plant or flower with it's name, latin name, and location it's found in. The greyscale color scheme, use of ink wash and watercolor textures offers a modern touch to traditional botanical textbook inspired drawings.

The Rebel's Manifesto

For this double-sided poster/booklet, I took The Rebel's Manifesto by Keri Smith and turned it into an experimental type layout for the rebel at heart. Inspired by alternative text styling and curiosity, the text of the original script is twisted, wrapped around shapes, and overprinted over itself to create a rebellious and fun layout for the reader.

Pattern Design

Starting with hand-drawn illustrations, I've created repeating patterns that are fresh for textiles or print. Using repetition and rhythm, these textures are expressive, individual, and showcase my illustration style and ability.

Spot Illustrations

These spot illustrations are hand-drawn and painted to enhance any magazine layout, informational graph, website, or booklet that features woodland wildlife, plants, and insects. These illustrations stay true to the subject but are expressive, detailed, and have textured surfaces.