My name is Mike Kyllo and I’ve been in the program since 2013. I’ve enjoyed creating art from a very young age but only considered it a hobby until meeting other graphic designers. I then started the program part-time at night. I soon realized I wanted a creative career and never looked back. My favorite thing about the program has been sharing my passion for design with other students. Looking back, it has been interesting to see my design style simplify with a reliance on fundamental concepts.

Van Poster Series

This conceptual poster series is for Vans shoes company. The concept was inspired by an biography by chef and food truck pioneer Roy Choi, titled “LA Son.” In the book, he described growing up in Los Angeles and the fusion between Latino and Korean culture. The poster series features Choi, street artist David Choe and musician Kendrick Lamar. All are from L.A. and capture a street authenticity that communicates the brand vision of the Vans shoe line.

Esofea Cheese Company

This branding exercise was inspired by my love of town of Viroqua and the food movement in Vernon County, Wisconsin. The named the fictional company after town of unincorporated town of Esofea. Wisconsin wildflowers were used to create the patterns and color schemes.

The Current 10 Year Anniversary

The Current radio station is a cultural anchor point for artistic culture in Minneapolis. In 2015, they had their 10 year anniversary and I created a brand book to reflect their moto, "together we are more than music."