Born and raised in Madison, I am a passionate lover of art, history, sports and animals. Feeling the accomplishment of creating things both digitally and traditionally in addition to learning about color and design has been very enjoyable while studying here at MATC. Every class has been a fun experience, including classes in print, illustration and web, and I desire to be the best I can be in all areas. There is a great need for design in print and web locally and internationally, and I hope to be a factor in balancing that need.

Eventure Electric Bikes

Eventure is an electric bicycle company, which I concepted and designed, that manufactures and retails its own custom bikes. Its mission is to change people’s experience when riding bikes, especially e-bikes -- to get people to not worry about the calories or the distance, but to discover new places. The logo, color, and collateral pieces were designed to inspire people to travel on their e-bikes and to have an adventure. Studio photos were art-directed by Alicia Jones and are a courtesy of Shannon Jones of Shannon Ruth Photography.

Dewey Decimal Icons

The Dewey Decimal System, which was created in 1876, is a complex classification system for books that allows people to find books by looking at a number. The system has 10 large categories that are each broken down into numerous smaller categories. To help make finding books easier and to be an educational learning tool, I have developed icons for the 10 root categories. I wanted them to be very clean and simple with a quick read so that people can find the book they are wanting with ease. To educate and assist the user, the main category number is included as a dial. I envision these being on the ends of books as well as the ends of the bookshelves. In addition, these could also be useful when searching for books online.

Ghirardelli Brand Book

To celebrate the upcoming 165th year of one America’s greatest and oldest chocolate factories, Ghirardelli is handing out these brochures at their factory, in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square as well as sending them with premium purchases to share their journey with their customers. These brochures were designed to reflect the rich heritage and the unique, quality process of making Ghirardelli Chocolate.

McCormick Spice Ad Campaign

To get people excited about cooking with spices, this ad campaign was created to be conceptual and visually interesting and to get people to see that cooking is an art and that spices are all-natural, organic and healthy. We want people to experiment with new techniques and spices just like artists experiment with new media and styles. These ads were created with actual spices, photographed and then designed and built in Photoshop and InDesign.