I'm Ben, a multi-talented and highly driven individual with a passion for design. I pursued graphic design because everyday there is something different, something new to create or learn. Being able to use my creative talent to create anything from a simple ad to (re)branding a company as well as having to concept ideas to make a logo, or organize and construct a web page are things I enjoy doing. "Simplicity, wit, and good typography.” This quote from Michael Bierut sums up my philosophy as a designer. I strive to create stunning, simple, functional designs; quickly think on my feet; and am passionate about typography.

N.E.T. Saturday

logo design // print layout // branding
The N.E.T. Saturday (Networking, Etiquette, and Technology) conference is an annual event taken place at Madison College available to all students to learn more about networking, etiquette, and technology related to employment. We have helped over 300 students throughout the past three years learn more about these job related skills and provide invaluable experiences and connections to help them in their careers and future. I have been a part of the team since its conception three years ago. I was able to design the logo for the event as well as all the marketing materials needed. Some of the materials I created include posters, quarter-page flyers, monitor slides, a web page and registration page, the day of brochure, signage for the event (directional, table numbers, etc.), as well as other miscellaneous documents and N.E.T. Saturday related material that was needed.

Plarked - Mobile App

concept development // logo design // mobile app design
Have you ever gone to a city only to find yourself driving around for hours to find a parking spot? How fun is that? Plarked is a mobile app that allows you to plan where you park before you even arrive! You can log on to the app, locate where you plan to be and see what parking is available in that area. You can filter based on time limit and pricing.

The Tie Bar - Branded Catalog

concept development // print layout // branding
Whether you are trying to impress a date, conquer an interview, or just in the mood for dressing up - you should be a statement. The Tie Bar, a Chicago based men’s store specializing in neckties and bow ties, wants to help you be just that. With hundreds of tie options and accessories to choose from, you are sure to stand out. For this project, I took The Tie Bar’s normal look, and put a spin on it for a hypothetical Spring Style Guide catalog. Using products and images from their actual store, I compiled this six spread branded catalog.

Fette Fraktur - Design Talk

illustration // print layout // multi-piece marketing
Blackletter type is such a fascinating and unique type that has really changed our history. I created these posters and postcards for a hypothetical design talk based on the typeface “Fette Fraktur,” a kind of blackletter type. The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York would be presenting this talk and I have incorporated their branding into these pieces.

Boom Chicka Pop

package design // rebranding // illustration
Boom Chicka Pop is a healthy alternative to other popcorn brands on the market. Their current packaging boasts their company name, and leaves the flavor to be secondary. I thought I’d change this up by making the flavor the first thing you see when you look at the new packaging. Using an attractive color scheme, some fun illustrations, and an eye catching design, I believe that the new design really pops.