Michael Engesser

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Since starting in the Graphic Design program, I really have enjoyed all the classes at Madison College. I learned so much about design and have gained a lot of knowledge since I started the program. The teachers I had are great and were always very helpful for me. Getting feedback from teachers and peers on projects was very helpful for improving and pointing the projects in the right direction. I will possibly be doing an internship this coming summer to get some work experience and I am very excited about this possible internship. I would like to start my career in marketing and to design advertisements. I am a very creative person and love anything to do with design.

Bavaria Sausage Kitchen

This is a layout of the cover/back page and the inside spreads for a booklet. The booklet gives information on variety of German food items. Existing and new customers would receive the booklet in the mail.

Don't Text and Drive Campaign Ads

Series of three ads that point out the same message about don't text and drive. Each ad has a different picture to show that your able to have patience for each of the items so have patience to text and just drive.

Minhas Ads

These are three ads showing three different flavors which are orange cream, blueberry cream, and black cherry. These are gourmet sodas brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery. I had each of the images for the ads photographed in the photography studio here at Madison College by two student photographers. Light source was used and an orange, blue, and red gel trays to give that color for each flavor.