Hello, I’m Hans. I would like to tell you a little about my work. I’m mindful about creating images, vector art to create moods, emotions, and ideas. I enjoy making design into something that can communicate more than we thought we could before. That is the most exciting part of the creative process.

Thorny Rose product development and Rebranding

This shows a ginger ale bottle as well as the dieline for the packaging. On the right is the two of them mocked up.

Travel Wisconsin promotion for Madison

These are three themed magazine ads promoting tourism in Madison.

ICA Brand Development

This shows the brand development from various vantage points for the fictitious ICA company. The photos of the earbuds were taken by me.

Nars Rebranding

This is a catalog showing a rebranding of the Nars cosmetics; mocked up digitally. All photographic content created within the catalog was made by me.