Mariah Calley

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Some say they are destined for design from the start; others have uncovered their passion for creativity along the way. For me, that story manifests a little differently. I was raised in a small community to value the needs of others through my service and time. The repeated satisfaction of a life touched or a job well done has led me to realize a driving passion: my ability to help. I find I do this most effectively through my love of art and ability to give a voice and platform to those otherwise lost in a world raging for everyone’s attention.

Tuneup Branding

The Evansville community is home to a plethora of great churches. Harbored within each lies an exceptional amount of musical talent and diversity; most of which goes unexpressed or unnoticed. Evansville Tuneup offers these musicians the opportunity to come together and experience the beauty of interdenominational collaboration through music and worship. Branding this modern movement for a group of very traditional churches with such a limited budget was definitely a challenge, but the results could not be more pleasing. A warm color palette radiates energy and invitation, while the set of interactive icons serve as simple visual reminders and navigational tools for those learning more about Tuneup.

Red Riding Hood Graphic Novel

Most people are familiar with the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but few have probably ever heard it told with such platitude and sass. Illustrating the popular story as if it were a graphic novel was already kind of a dream-come-true, but actually getting to rewrite the plot and characters was even more so.

Lyric Video Spread

A popular trend in the music industry nowadays is the release of a song in the form of a “lyric video”. Typically promoting an upcoming album release, the lyrics to the featured audio animate along with the music as they are made audible, familiarizing and exciting fans for the greater package of media to come. Lyric videos are incredibly expressive methods of typography that capture the essence of every word in visual form. Despite their recent popularity, I was surprised at how many people had never heard of them. It was loads of fun to educate peers on the history and purposes of lyric videos by creating this spread for a book about typographic elements in design, and getting the opportunity to put in a plug or two for some great music was definitely a highlight.