Ryan Burns

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The most invigorating thing about studying at Madison College has been the many new experiences. I love learning and meeting new people with different ideas and backgrounds. Through this program, I have rounded out my skills in art and design. With a background in 3D mediums, such as metal, ceramics, and photography, learning to use a computer to make art has been an enlightening process. Being able to physically create things has always been important to my creative process. Expanding my knowledge of design and illustration has rekindled a passion to find new mediums and create fresh concepts.

Owl Tagging Promotion

Demonstration of photography and two color half-tone screen printed posters and t-shirt.

Aspen Street Banner

Illustration for seasonal street post banners.

Arbor Harbor Branding

Logo, branding and website for Arbor Harbor, a non profit organization dedicated to saving trees in local communities.

Rush River Brewing Ads

Studio photography, web and magazine advertisement layout.


Screen printed collage, lino cut print and hand drawn Illustrations.