Dane Berquist

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I’m an adventurous Graphic Designer and game enthusiast. I have grown up playing strategy games and drawing. Whether it’s the function or the art’s style, I enjoy things that make you think. As a Graphic Designer, I enjoy drawing, painting, and I love concepting. I am able to easily leap from one idea to another. I believe these three skills are the most important when thinking about design, as you have to use them every step of the way. Thank you for your time, I cannot wait to hear from you.

Grim Pale Ale

Product and logo design meant to be for that intense sports fan or your competitive gamer.

Game Lounge

Logo flyer, sticker Design. Concept of business non profit gaming lounge for all. Meant to bring video games to kids in small town communities, where they may not have the funds to afford them, or just want to have a good time.


A line of different board styles with illustrations that follow a similar style.